So There

It started in the library.  I looked around and for the first time noticed the thousands upon thousands of books written by authors who had made it.  By that I mean: landed a literary agent, who landed a publisher, who published their book.

I am one of the many writers who has not been fortunate enough to make it into the publishing world. (And let’s face it.  When there are books out there like The Poisonwood Bible and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks how do I expect to compete?)

Until this blog.  My goal as an “unemployed author” is to make my writing available to those of you who may enjoy it, since it seems pretty far fetched to hope I reach you the traditional way.   So there literary agents/publishing world! (Thumb on nose, wiggling fingers)

98 thoughts on “So There

  1. Hello Miss Meg aka “The Underground Writer”! I am and will continue to be one of your biggest fans! Love your creativity and humor! Love you…more. Aunt Char xo

  2. This is great!! I am always loving it when anyone follows their heart, goes after their dreams, does what they love, however that may be!! Keep writing and kepp that thumb on the nose and those fingers wiggling!!

  3. Fantastic.. The world has no idea what great literature and pure reading enjoyment is about to come it’s way! We will be looking forward to every word. Keep writting.

  4. Thanks for joining my blog – I too, am a frustrated “wanna be” writer. Only difference, is that I have had a poem published! At 62, I’ve pretty much given up on having my novel published, but life is good, regardless. Keep on keeping on!

  5. I have a request for you to blog, Fathers day greeting cards. I was at wal-mart(needed snacks ok) and decided to get a card for my dad. I walked the card isle a few times before noticing the minute selection of cards for dear old dad. What’s your take on this, why do i trip over cards on mothers day and have to inquire with the staff to find one on fathers day, seems unfair to this distant future fathers day card receiver.

    • Your words brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much. It means more than you know. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I hope my writing continues to be entertaining and worthy of your time. Have a wonderful day! (PS: I noticed your blog name is “Cooking4Boys” ~ I can’t cook to save my life! And I have a husband and 2 children to feed. Dinner is always a bit disappointing in our household.)

      • 🙂 I am glad I could bring some encouragement.

        And cooking takes a lot of practice–used to only be boxed or can stuff, until I was home all day & would be bored when my kiddos were sleeping so, had to have a hobby. It takes some failed attempts & I had to start with following recipes first & then I was able to start making up my own recipes. One day, after the boys grow up, I hope to go to culinary school & open up my own “ma & pa” kind of restaurant.

  6. I went to the library yesterday and realised there was nothing there that I hadn’t read or that I hadn’t already thought about. It sounds conceited, but that was my take on it. It seems the current road to publishing filters out all the authors and ideas I’d like to read, until 15 years after I already know what they’re telling me. I don’t know what the answer is, because my style of thinking is largely incomprehensible to most. I can’t “write the book I want to read” as the tired old saying goes. Maybe you’ll have better luck, but please, don’t dumb it down, don’t make it safe and don’t give in to the blank-eyed teenage editors who’ll try to make your dialogue gramatically correct because their teacher told them words follow rules.

  7. Your blog was one of the recommendations listed by WordPress in my “You May Like…” widget…and they were right! I love your writing style and am definitely glad to have discovered your blog.

  8. One of my favorite quotes about writing comes from T.M. McNally – “When you die, I believe, God isn’t going to ask you what you published. God’s going to ask you what you wrote.”

  9. just stumbled upon your blog and i love it! i’ve spent the last 45 minutes reading your posts, and they’re just brilliant 🙂 you have such a great writing style. thanks for cheering up my day!

  10. I think “Observations Simply Stated” is actually a dynamite “Blogan” for you. But here ya go:

    1. The Underground Writer: “Digging Deeper, She’s a Keeper!”
    2. The Underground Writer: “She Tunnels for Gold, so you Don’t have to……!”
    3. The Underground Writer: “Mining her Mind For the Gems We Adore!”
    4. The Underground Writer: “Coming Up for Air with Flair and Zero Wear n’ Tear!”

  11. Just dropping by to say “hi”. I know I haven’t been a very good friend lately! Life just gets too crazy and hectic for blogging to any great degree. But your blogs are ones that I always enjoy reading even if I don’t comment!

  12. I appreciate you and your blog, and have nominated you for the Lovely Blog Award. It’s an easy one and I hope you’ll take time to complete it. I’d really be interested in learning 7 new facts about you and I think the rest of the blogosphere would too! Check out my most recent post for the rules and the award for you to copy and put on your site.

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