Returning Adopted Pets

My nephew recently adopted a guinea pig.  He proudly named her “Buttercup” and told me this is Buttercup’s third home.

Third home?  What on earth has this guinea pig done that warrants it being returned by two different families?  This led me to thinking of other random animals and their reasons for being brought back from whence they came:

Hermit crabs: “They’re simply too noisy.”

A goldfish:  “It has an attitude.”

An Iguana: “It keeps giving me the harry eyeball.  At the same time.  In two different directions.”

A rabbit: “She seemed fine in the pet store but once we brought her home, all hell broke loose.”

Turtles: “It’s just not a good fit for our family.”

A rooster: “It just struts around, all cocky, acting like it owns the place.  And it’s not laying eggs.”

Thankfully, my nephew’s house seems to be Buttercup’s final destination.  Unless, of course, she starts making a freakish screeching noise at night or telling off-colored jokes.


8 thoughts on “Returning Adopted Pets

  1. The cat shelter I volunteered at would always accept back any cat they had adopted out (no matter how long it had been- one was actually returned 8 years later poor thing) one lady had hired a pet psychic who told her that the reason her newly adopted cat was not adjusting happily to her new home was that she disliked the cat that already lived there (according to the psychic the newly adopted cat thought she was a human herself and she did not want to live with this other 4 legged fur coated creature), so the cat was delivered back to the shelter and was labeled to be adopted out to only a cat free family…so many other crazy and sad stories…I enjoy your blog, keep up the good work =^..^=

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