Pardon Me. I Just Need to Press Your Mute Button

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone came equipped with mute buttons? That way, when you realize a conversation isn’t headed in the direction you had planned, you could simply lean over and press the button and not hear what is coming next.

You would need to use these mute buttons wisely, of course. For example, you wouldn’t necessarily want to hit your doctor’s mute button when she enters the examining room and says,”We have the results of your CAT scan and it appears that you have cancer of the – BEEP!”

You also wouldn’t want to use the mute button with your boss. It probably wouldn’t be the smartest thing to hit your boss’ mute when he starts to give you a new assignment: “Starting tomorrow, you will need to – BEEP!” (Let’s be adults about this – the risk of unemployment far outweighs the pleasure of pressing his mute button.)

The mute button would be very beneficial with family – including children. “But mom! I just cleaned my room! It’s not fair! I – BEEP!” The family mute button comes with an extra benefit: Muzak. Instead of listening to your children whine and cry, you would hear Rod Stewart’s “Forever Young” performed on a synthesizer, which is the lesser of two evils.

Oh! And with coworkers. And Toppers. You know the kind: you have a headache, they have one too but much worse; you decide to take a vacation, they suddenly decide to do the same, only the vacation is fancier. How delightful if Toppers came with mute buttons!  “Oh you think THAT’S bad? Well! Wait to I tell you about – BEEP!

Mute buttons could also be used on yipey dogs next door. This would save you from those awkward conversations where you have to knock on your neighbor’s door and say that even though you think Pebbles is just so adorable, could they please not leave her outside for sixteen hours a day when she would clearly rather be inside?

Spousal mute buttons need to be handled delicately. As tempting as it may be, you shouldn’t hit this button willy-nilly. They may catch on. Be forewarned that spouses can also ask follow-up questions to make sure you were truly paying attention.

Lastly, we can’t become indignant when someone hits our mute button. It’s gotta work both ways.


5 thoughts on “Pardon Me. I Just Need to Press Your Mute Button

  1. Truly a great fantasy! I can think of some people I would LOVE to mute! Oh and the kids complaining??? This would change the face of parenting!

  2. Words I’ve never heard: “But Mom! I just cleaned my room…” Seems we already have a mute button that I was unaware of. — If you patent this and get it invented, I’ll mortgage my house to help you get it into production. I’d like the button just for fun, if nothing else.

    I’d like to mute myself and say things like ‘vacuum’ (looks like you’re saying something else). And when I’m about to be slapped, I’d un-mute myself and say ‘Vaaaacuuuuum. Geez! Get your mind out of the gutter.’

  3. Thanks for the offer of helping me get this into production. Next invention is my snoring pillow for people who hate to sleep alone and a taco holder (so your tacos don’t tip over and spill out their insides while you’re trying to eat them.) Though you might now want to mortgage your house for the last 2 …

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