A Metal Pole And The First Day of School

On the first day of kindergarten, I walked into a metal pole. This is completely understandable, given the fact I was gawking at the big kids streaming into the building. There I was, watching the big kids, when all of a sudden: SMACK. My five year old blond head rammed into one of the poles that supported the school entrance’s overhang.

I stumbled backwards, dropping my lunchbox. Whether it was from the pain of the welt forming on my forehead or the sheer humiliation, I began to cry. This was also completely understandable. I still cry easily. Frantically, I looked around for my older brother who had received strict instructions from my mom to keep an eye on me.

When Vincent heard my wailing I am certain he groaned. (Remember, I cried easily.) Through watery eyes I saw him leave his group of cool third grade friends and make his way to where I was standing. I don’t remember what he said, but I do remember his sheer embarrassment. Couldn’t I even walk into the entrance without incident?

Vincent led me to the nurse – walking ahead in hopes that no one would realize I was his little sister. Cool Vinnie couldn’t possibly have a whiny, blubbering little sister who walks into poles? Well, let me tell you – he did.

Upon arriving to the nurses’ office, Vincent turned and fled, leaving me alone with the school nurse who seemed large and old. And grumpy. She handed me an ice pack and told me to sit on the brown vinyl chair next to her desk. I heard morning announcements on the PA system. I watched stronger, braver kids who didn’t walk into metal poles pass by the office.

I wanted the nurse to call my mom so I could go home. I needed my mom to kiss my forehead and make this all better. The ice pack wasn’t doing anything, except freezing my skin so it felt like it was being pinched. Where was my mom? She was supposed to rescue me from these situations.

Eventually the school nurse remembered I was there, removed the ice pack and sent me to my kindergarten classroom. Miraculously I remembered the way my brother had led me, and I retraced my steps to the school’s entrance. At the end of the hall I could see my kindergarten classroom – the door open – waiting. I hurried to the class, my Smurf lunchbox thumping against my leg.

I burst through the door to find children sitting primly at their desks.

“You’re late,” my teacher said.

It was then I realized my mom couldn’t rescue me from all situations. I was going to have to handle these life events on my own. I found my desk, sat down, and turned my eyes to the teacher. But only after I started crying first.

22 thoughts on “A Metal Pole And The First Day of School

  1. Being Sooooo long ago… I have no recollection of my first day at school. (I’m not really sure “first day” was even invented yet..!!) What you do have me recall are my sons (3) first day(s) of school. Crying, screaming, yelling, pleading, kicking, yanking, etc.. etc.. Days I wished I had never recalled.. Thank you very much..!!! LoL Thanks.. REALLY.. for stirring up the old cob-webs. Great memories indeed..!! 🙂

  2. The opposite of my first day, but still involving a metal pole. My first day of kindergarten, I was playing on the balance beam. This was before the days of OH&S, so it was literally a metal pole, on its side, bolted to two old tree trunks. I fell, which was no surprise, never having any sort of dexterity or balance. Broke my arm. The crying didn’t happen then though. It happened on the way home from the hospital, when Mum told me I was not allowed to go to school for the rest of the week. I had been looking so forward to it. Yep, a Nerd even then!

  3. Awww! You poor thing! My first day of Kindergarten after we moved to Missouri just happened to be on pumpkin picking day. I wore a nice dress and shoes on my first day at my new school in a new state. I had no friends, therefore nobody to help me with my pumpkin. I rolled it through the mud all by myself, and got in trouble when I came home covered in mud. I feel for you. I cry easily, too. I mean, all the time. It’s like every emotion I have is wired to my tear ducts. Great story!

    • Hello Fellow Crier!

      Thank you for reading! And that is just so sad about the pumpkin picking. I picture this sweet, little girl pushing a pumpkin through the mud.

      Oh no … now I’m crying 😉

      And instead of getting angry – I cry – which is so frustrating when I am dealing with lousy customer service…

  4. At least you had the excuse of being a little kid and not too knowledgeable about things at the time. At 16 years old, I walked into a wooden beam while retrieving my coat after an exam.

    Problem was, the beam had a series of metal coat hooks on it and it was one of those I smacked my head against. My evening was spent in A&E, the price I paid for trying to rush out of the exam!

  5. You poor thing! I’m curious if you and Vincent are great sibling friends now or if he still avoids you just a bit? My earliest kindergarten memory is hazy but involves sipping chocolate milk from a straw in a carton and cubicles that held my nap mat. Pretty bland. I do, however, still have my kindergarten report card, which states “I don’t play well with others nor share my toys” or something to that effect. Still true. 🙂

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