Weird Candle Fragrances

For the past few years, candles have been all the rage. Yankee Candle is perhaps the most recognizable brand, while others have gradually emerged – many of them sold from the homes of candle party consultants (click HERE for some thoughts on those gatherings).

Perhaps it’s the competition they face by other aggressive candle companies, or maybe their marketers are bored with developing such commonplace aromas as cinnamon stick and floral bouquet, but some of Yankee Candle latest candle scents are downright … strange.

Take their newest fragrance, Whiskers on Kittens. Yes, you read that right. Yankee Candle is basically selling a candle that smells like cat whiskers. Unless, of course, they are haphazardly assigning names in the candle factory with no regard to what the candle really smells like. Maybe Whiskers on Kittens doesn’t smell anything like its name, and really smells like vanilla. Or, perhaps it does smell like its title … which would be, what? Tuna? Cat dander? Litter box?

Whiskers on Kittens

It took me several moments to realize what Yankee Candle was trying to do when I read the name for another candle (that was listed directly under Whiskers on Kittens). Picture Julie Andrews in her nightgown surrounded by a brood of singing children. The candle names are taken from the Sound of Music song “My Favorite Things.” This one was called Warm Woolen Mittens. Your guess is as good as mine. Musty wool? Dusty yarn? Smoke?

Bright Copper Kettles was next in the Yankee Candle catalog. Hmmm. Other than some antiquated plumbing in my basement, I don’t have any copper in my home, so I can’t attest to what a bright copper kettle smells like. The closest thing I have is my tea kettle, which isn’t copper but it used to be bright and is a kettle. I have to be honest here, the inside of my tea kettle doesn’t smell too impressive. What could the fragrance of this Bright Copper Kettle be? A metallic aroma?

Yankee Candle has also developed a line called Man Candles, which supposedly cater to men (because we all know men are secretly envious of women dominating the candle world). While my husband and I think they should have been called “Mandles”, Man Candle scents are equally perplexing. Take the first fragrance: Movie Night. A buttery popcorn smell? Or maybe the smell of beer and nachos?

Man Candles went downhill fast after Movie Night. The next candle for men was called Mmm, Bacon! The idea of burning a candle that has the aroma of bacon could be equated to Chinese torture. Wouldn’t that scent leave you in a state of perpetual hunger? I can think of nothing worse than smelling bacon and not being able to eat it.

photo (9)

After Mmm, Bacon! was a candle called Man Town. I’m not really sure what a “man town” is, so I would have to guess this candle smells like sweat. And farts. Wait! The Yankee Candle catalog has a scratch and sniff sticker for this candle. It smells like … that popular cologne from the 1990s: Drakkar Noir. (Ironically, “Man Town” smells just like their scent “Over The River”, which leads me to believe Yankee Candle is recycling fragrances.)

First Down was another Man Candle. The picture on this candle jar is a football and turf. Unfortunately, (or perhaps for my sake – fortunately)  First Down did not have a scratch and sniff sticker like Man Town. Therefore, I assume it smells like rubber, or a locker room. Or maybe spilled beer.

The last Man Candle was called Riding Mower. I’m guessing fresh cut grass with a tinge of gasoline? Though, Riding Mower may not smell anything like a riding mower (because, truly, what does a riding mower smell like?). Yankee Candle may have been liberal in their name for this scent, so Riding Mower could smell like pumpkin spice or fresh pine needles.

I commend Yankee Candle in their attempt to remain competitive and use creativity in their fragrances. However, when their products have names fashioned after lawn equipment or the anatomy of a cat, then perhaps staying with traditional scents is best.

27 thoughts on “Weird Candle Fragrances

  1. Man Town is the worst name for a flavour ever. It just makes me think of some dodgy gay bar. If that’s your thing, great, but I can’t imagine anybody going there just to bask in the aroma.
    “What are you doing back here at Man Town?”
    “Oh, I’ve just come for a quick sniff, you know I can’t help myself. If only there was a candle that smelled like this!”
    Not going to happen!

  2. I had to google it, to see if you are pulling my leg or not – and you did not!!! Unbelievable!!! Great blog, thanks for making me laugh…I add a “food after sport candle” 🙂 Greetings from Norway

  3. A few years back a company was considering making a womens’ perfume with some chemical that would make men think of bacon. Guess they must have given the idea to Yankee Candle when they discovered no woman wanted to attract men by smelling like a pig.

  4. I’m stifling laughter at my desk at work right now. What in the world…. I don’t shop at Yankee Candle because I’m poor and can’t afford their aromas. But, apparently I need to stop in from time to time to check out their awesome “mandles”. My candles come from Bath & Body Works, but only when they have the 2 for $22 sale on their 3-wick candles, as it’s the only time I can afford them as well. Once, B&BW had a candle called Mashed Potatoes. I became very excited, as mashed ‘taters are one of my FAVORITE foods, but the SCENT… I remember choking and coughing immediately! It was HORRIBLE!!!! It was like a combination of melted butter and dirt. Blech!!!!

    Thanks for entertaining me with your stories! Good stuff, as always!

    • DO mashed potatoes have a smell? Now I’m curious. Hmmm ….

      I agree – Yankee Candles are pricey. And if I were going to spend $22 on 1 candle, it sure wouldn’t be on a fragrance called Riding Mower or Man Town!

      Thank you for reading and your comments!

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