A Murder or Strange Hair? You Decide.

I confess: I’m a hotel snob. This elitist mentality is not an attribute I admire in myself.  In fact, I envy those who can march into a Days Inn or Motel Six and not be phased by foreign curly hairs in the bottom of the bathtub, or a sticky TV remote. While certainly not life threatening, these aspects of budget hotels coerce me to spend significantly more money on accommodations I know will be pleasant.

Cleanliness isn’t the only quality I require when seeking temporary lodging. I also refuse to step foot in a Bed and Breakfast where murder has occurred. Call me odd, but shutting my eyes in the same room where someone was once hacked to death would not give me a warm, fuzzy feeling as I drift to sleep.

Thus, staying at the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast (located in Fall Rivers, Massachusetts) is out of the question; since not just one, but two people were murdered in their rooms. Picky of me, I know. Even the picture of the hatchet posted on the B&B’s website did nothing to encourage me to book an overnight stay.

If unfamiliar with Lizzie Borden, allow me to give you a brief synopsis of her life: She was the daughter of rich parents. One hot August day in 1892, Lizzie bludgeoned her mother and father to death with a hatchet while they were taking their afternoon naps. She was accused of murder and found not guilty. The End.

Or one would think. Weirdly enough, there continues to be such fascination with Lizzie Borden that her home – where the murders took place – is now a Bed and Breakfast. That’s right! For approximately $220 a night you can sleep in one of the rooms where hatchet bearing Lizzie and her parents once lived. For those of you who are not faint of heart, you can sleep in the very room where Mrs. Borden’s face was chopped into smithereens (though this will cost you an additional $50.)

Note that while children under five are “loved and welcomed,” they are not loved enough to spend the night. This is perplexing, given that children under five would have no idea where they were sleeping – thus being saved from any potential trauma inflicted on them by staying in a house where two bloody murders occurred. Also, children under five would not understand the annual re-enactment that takes place on the anniversary of the slayings. Children over five years of age, however, are welcome to spend the night and be traumatized by watching the annual re-enacted hackings of Mr. and Mrs. Borden.

The Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast also hosts a gift shop. For overnight guests (remember, that includes children over five years of age) and daily visitors who partake in the 50 minute guided tour of the house, the gift shop is the perfect place to find disturbing gifts and Lizzie Borden memorabilia. Who wouldn’t want a Lizzie Borden Bobble Head that brandishes a hatchet? Or a coffee mug boasting a picture of the crime scene? Lastly, for all of you bakers, there are ax-shaped cookie cutters.

Am I wimpy? Perhaps. Snobbish? Sure. Though given the choice of staying in a budget hotel versus the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast, I would go straight for the budget hotel. While it may not be the cleanest room with the most comfortable mattress, at least no one was clubbed to death with a hatchet in the adjacent room.

(Think I’m joking? Click HERE)


41 thoughts on “A Murder or Strange Hair? You Decide.

  1. I agree that none of that has any sort of draw to it. Are people just wanting to me terrified by her ghost? I think I’d choose hair in my bathtub too! LOL.

    • Imagine waking up in the morning, stretching, and swinging your feet to the floor, where they land on the exact spot Mrs. Borden was hacked to death. I don’t care HOW many years-worth-of-mopping that floor has received. It’s just freaky!

  2. I love how it says at the top of the website…where we treat you like family. Uhhhh..I don’t want to be treated like your family if that’s what happens!! No thank you. People are freaks for staying there and freaks for making money off such a horrible crime!!!

  3. Lizzie Borden was a popular subject my senior year of high school it seemed, because my creative writing teacher and her husband, my psychology teacher, stayed in that very Bed and Breakfast. I think my creative writing teacher actually went twice, once with her sister. When she stayed with her sister, they slept in the attic (where the maid slept). My teacher said her sister was so terrified she was just laying there, crying.

    But, of course, this discussion was completely relevant to our creative writing class, because we were discussing “grues” — short poems with cheerful forms but very dark themes. One example given was a grue centered on Lizzie Borden. To this day whenever I hear about Lizzie Borden, I think of this rhyme:

    Lizzie Borden took an axe
    And gave her mother forty whacks.
    When she saw what she had done
    She gave her father forty-one.

  4. The way you described budget motels in the beginning, I beg to differ. I’d rather face a haunted place than some gnarly hair or questionable substance. 🙂

  5. Lol… strangely enough I would take ax-shaped cookie cutters over curly hair in the bottom of the bathtub any.time!! (without my 6+ year-old though!)

    • It’s a toss up, that’s for sure! I read that some people who stay there try to solve the mystery of whether Lizzie Borden REALLY committed the murder. (There is some speculation it was someone else.) That cracks me up! 121 years later and people think THEY will be the ones to find the missing link. Never mind all of the tours romping through the rooms … or the overnight guest. That wouldn’t interfere with evidence, or anything…

  6. Well as far as YOU know no one was hacked to death… hotels do not have to share this unlike a house that you are buying. So maybe the house could not be sold so they did the next best thing… bed n breakfast

  7. OK, Megan. You’re going a little overboard here. First, the odds of someone else getting 40 whacks in the same room are astronomical. (So, you’re safer than you would be in most other places, statistically speaking.) Second, I triple-dare you to go to the finest hotel and *not* find strange … residue on the sheets. Finally, I treat every hotel like my own private nudist colony. Whether it’s the Motel 6 or the Ritz Carlton (I’ve paid the rack rate in both). Just know that when you sit down at that plush writing desk….

  8. The last ‘budget’ place I stayed in gave me the creeps…I think I would have much preferred to stay in The Ted Bundy Bungalow and Travel Park anytime.

  9. If you think that’s morbid, you should check out Madame LaLaurie’s house in New Orleans! It’s what the central focus of American Horror Story’s third season. I’m don’t think it’s a hotel, though. Either way…CREEPY!!!

    I love you writing and I can’t wait to read more!

    • Thank you! That means a lot. I haven’t heard of Madame LaLaurie’s house but now I have to look it up. Yes – there is something about paying money to sleep in the same room where a brutal murder occurred that is just … weird.

  10. I’m totally a hotel snob and have never been remotely interested in haunted hotels (though I do fancy a good haunted house during Halloween.) There are quite a few where I live and when I listen to people who are excited about going to spend the night or weekend there…it makes me question their sanity!!! LOL I’m totally not “that girl”!

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