Facebook Users: Where Do You Belong?

It has been four years since I joined the 1.19 billion Facebook users. Throughout this period, I have observed very distinct behavior patterns of people who regularly use Facebook. After much rumination, sleepless nights, and obsessive floor pacing (well, not really), I categorized them into the following groups:

Braggy: For some, Facebook is a platform for bragging. These boasting comments are usually veiled as status updates.

Just threw together a Herb Crusted Beef Rib Roast with Pinot Noir Jus before taking little Kylie to oboe lessons.

Finished running 16.2 miles in 11 minutes. Who wants to join me tomorrow?

Sometimes, Braggy posts are written in a tired voice, as though being wonderful is exhausting.

While it’s hard getting up at 2 a.m. to squeeze in my four-hour total body workout, followed by preparing breakfast for the family, I know staying healthy for my family is important.

Last night James spelled Lieutenant! And he’s only 22 months old! I knew not allowing him to watch TV would reap loads of benefits. While it can be exhausting never having a break for myself, look at the fruit of my labor.

Literal Status Updates: Literal Status Updates give you a play-by-play account of the Facebook user’s day: what they are currently doing, what they are thinking, what’s on their agenda for the day. Literal Status Update Facebook users take the what’s on your mind? or what’s your status? question from Facebook quite literally. Literal Status Updates can include comments on ball games and TV shows the Facebook user is watching as they write their post.

At the grocery store.

C’mon Eli! Another interception?!

Time for lunch.

Making steak and potatoes for dinner. (With a glass of wine, of course. LOL!)

A sub-category of Literal Status Updates are Weather Posts – for those of us who live in windowless houses.


Three inches so far and it’s still snowing.

19 degrees out! Brrrr!

Frequent Complaining Posts: Now, we are all prone to complain. Life ain’t easy, and commiseration can be soothing. The once-in-a-while-grumble is NOT included in the Frequent Complaining Posts category. It’s the daily gripe that falls into this group. Frequent Complaining Posts are similar to Literal Status Updates except they have a negative ring to them. For some people, Facebook is their way to share every sniffle and cough, every slight injustice that crosses their path. What’s most intriguing about the Frequent Complaining Posts is how these Facebook users are so eager to complain that they stop whatever they are doing to post  – whether it is while driving, or when they’re at work.

Another cold! Just when I was starting to feel better.

Grocery store is out of my favorite peanut butter. Are you kidding me?

Another sleepless night.

The Suspenseful Posts: These statuses leave you hanging. They are meant to make you wonder what on earth has happened, and are probably intended to have you checking back for updates.

So excited!

Can’t stop crying.

Best day EVER!

My poor hubby!

Sometimes the follow-up information to The Suspenseful Post is still very vague, especially when the original post was one of concern. While we understand privacy, it’s perplexing why the Facebook user who writes The Suspenseful Post in the first place would then keep the situation secretive. So you want us to know that you can’t stop crying, but you don’t want us to know why? Or What happened to your husband? What are we supposed to do with this information?

Political Posts: Are just that: statements about a political topic – which usually garners several supportive comments and “likes” as well as outraged responses. Things never end well, and opinions are rarely altered. De-friending over Political Posts is not uncommonSome Facebook users are regular Political Posters, while others stay away from the topics entirely – playing Switzerland in a messy war zone.

The Regular Rants: Just as with complaining, we all have a tendency to rant about a situation. The Regular Rants are akin to Frequent Complaining Posts, but with more of an edge. In these posts, however, the Facebook user’s anger seeps through their words. Regular Rants typically include lots of capital letters and exclamation points.

Could the guy driving in front of me go any slower? People older than 80 SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO DRIVE.

[insert name] is an idiot and I don’t know how ANYONE could be STUPID enough to vote for him!!

I can’t believe I went to college for THIS! What WAS I THINKING?

The Obsessive Topic: These Facebook users have a specific interest, issue, or cause that consumes them. Examples include a hobby, animal welfare, diet, a particular movement (such as gun rights or immigration reform), their pet, or a current event. When is it considered an Obsessive Topic? When the Facebook user posts at least once a day, every day about said topic. Pictures and links to unprofessional websites are common, as are the Facebook user “liking” their own status.

While every Facebook user has the tendency to dip their toes into each of these categories, others jump in cannonball style. Facebook seems to understand this, and has created a function that allows users to hide status updates from those habitual Political Posters, Regular Ranters and Frequent Complainers.

In spite of these behavior patterns, there are still Wonderful Posts – the comedic ones that make you burst out laughing, the posts with the pictures of your friends’ kids in silly Halloween costumes, the updates on ill friends, or the pictures of exotic vacations you someday hope to go on yourself. The Wonderful Posts are why I remain on Facebook, even though my kids watch television, I don’t cook Herb Crusted Beef Rib Roast with Pinot Noir Jus, and I could care less what Eli Manning is doing right this very minute.


32 thoughts on “Facebook Users: Where Do You Belong?

    • Glad I made you laugh! It’s the “Obsessive Topics” that drive me a bit batty. “Yes, I know you think red dye # 4 is from the devil. Yes, I see according to the link it can cause us to grow a third eye, but I don’t really need any more convincing.”

  1. Haha yessss yesss and yessss these are so true– As I read them I could immediately see specific people for each of them, ha! Most of my statuses are like long narrative descriptions of something awkward I just encountered… possibly a spin off from the Frequent Complainer!

  2. I find that most of my friends fall into the first category, which is why I now refer to it as “FaceBoast”. As a result, I intentionally only post things which make me appear to be a complete derelict. “Forgot to pay the Comcast bill so I guess movie night is out!” “Tried to make a roast for Christmas dinner and ended up burning down my kitchen” and “Who knew that screaming at my child in Walmart would result in a visit from Children and Youth??”

  3. I have friends in Every. Single. Category. I’m a famous un-friender if people go off to much about one particular subject. I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook (or Fakebook, as I like to call it).

      • I’m fascinated by Fakebook studies – does that make me a nerd? 🙂 After a while, you get to know who’s bragging and who’s just genuinely sharing happy news, don’t you? Then, you start seeing the Braggart’s posts and just think “Blah, blah, blah”. 🙂

      • If you’re a nerd, then welcome to the club! Us nerds are glad you’re here. I find the studies fascinating too. Do you know there is an official term for those who are addicted to using FB? They go through withdrawal symptoms if they don’t check in constantly. Fascinating … in a creepy sort of way …

      • Nerds unite! No, I’ve not heard the official term – what is it? I do know there are proven withdrawal symptoms, which I agree is creepy. It won’t be long before there are group meetings in basements, with people sharing stories of their addiction.

      • While holding cups of coffee and taking cigarette breaks.

        The term is Facebook Addiction Disorder. I was wrong – it’s not an “official” diagnosis yet, but give it time. It’ll probably be in the next DSM-IV manual.

  4. Ha! Yeah I would say about 75 % of my FB friends fall into one of those categories! Can be really annoying…hope I don’t fall into one of them! 😳

  5. Gonna put this link on Facebook right this minute and ask my friends to tell me which category I fall into? Oh – – perhaps a new category? “The Survey Taker and The Advice Seeker” That’s what I use Facebook for. “Does anyone know a trick that can fool the PTA into thinking my brownies are homemade?” OR “Which would you rather do? Push the Envelope or Envelope the Push?” hmmmmm, I am so very odd. But this is still going up on my FB with a recommendation to check out your entire blog!

    • Ohhhhh! I LOVE the brownie question! (though, anyone who knows me would take one look at the brownies I dropped off and say, “they’re not burnt AND doughy? She bought these.”

      Thank you so much for sharing my blog!! I so appreciate you!

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